Welcome to my new webpage! I hope you will find some interesting and useful information, including travel updates, educational workshops, audio and video recordings, endorsement news, links, and photo and bio downloads. I am an Associate Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of North Florida. For further information about UNF, please contact University of North Florida Music Flagship Program at (904) 620-2961.

I am still traveling extensively as a member of Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band, as a guest of the NDR Big Band in Hamburg, and various guest appearances around the world. Please check the event page for further information. Good luck to all and thanks for visiting my webpage!

Danny Gottlieb

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Remembering Joe Morello


Three Things I Miss About Joe MorelloIt is with sadness that we morn the passing of Joe Morello, who was so important in my life, and in the lives of so many students, musicians, friends, and fans who were affected and influenced by his musicianship and incredible spirit. We will miss him and his influence will live on through all of us. It's actually impossible for me to speak for one minute about any drum related subject in my life without giving him due credit for his influence, and I will do my best to perform, teach, and go through life as the best human being I can with his integrity as a role model.

Thanks Joe, for everything.


New Books and Videos


New BookEVOLUTION of JAZZ text book from HUDSON MUSIC
The Evolution of Jazz Drums (Hudson Music)book continues to be well received. It continues to be a top seller at Amazon. I hope it provides some insight and useful information for anyone interested in jazz drumming! It’s dedicated to Joe Morello. READ MORE.

The Masterclass Drum Lesson is available from True Fire. It’s a basic course, which features many of the basic concepts studied with my teacher, the late great master drummer Joe Morello, which I in turn teach at the University of North Florida.

For those interested in specific information about Joe's teachings, I was lucky enough to have been able to record 6 lessons with Joe, with Joe as the instructor and myself as the student. They only scratches the surface, but I am so proud, and we are SO LUCKY to have these videos available. I feel that these are presented on behalf of ALL of the students who passed through Joe's studio during the years . . .

These two DVDs were recorded in Levon Helm's barn in Woodstock, for Happy Traum's Homespun Company, years ago. I stayed after the session editing. Joe went and had a great time with Levon. I am so lucky to have had Joe agree to play a solo on camera with me. His comments were that whenever I ran out of ideas, I played a single stroke roll . . . I probably still do that. I hope these are enjoyable documents and provide some useful information.

BOOKS - Mel Bay
I am proud to have co-authored two drum texts with Michael Green, a fantastic drummer and friend in Nashville. They are available from Mel Bay.

7 DVDs
There are 7 other Educational DVDs on the Market from the Mel Bay Company. I hope they provide some useful information, and again reflect the influence of Joe Morello, and the use of his information in my teachings at the University of North Florida.

Thanks everyone, for the support, and all the best of luck.

Danny Gottlieb